Are NicoBlogs PC Games Safe To Install?

May 19, 2020 Robin Steve No Comments

Yo gamer, you must have thought at least once or many times when browsing and downloading games from NicoBlog that Are NicoBlog’s PC Games Safe To Install or not? Will they harm you or they will not?
We’ve some answers to your questions 😉 Check them out below.

Before that, I want you to relax and comfortable, because if you are curious about this! Then, it is not that curious to grab games from there.

What is NicoBlog?

I was surprised when I saw some stats on this website. After having a look at the number of visitors this site has, I thought that this site must be authoritative and would have achieved many things before. Then, while researching I get to know that, this site has been registered in January 2019. And I was like, really a man?

Yeah, this is a very new site which is taking a lot a lot of effort to grow his website and reach out to many games.

For gamers and nerds like us, he is doing fantastic work!

Later, I checked his whole site and reviews everything about the website for checking about the security things and all those buggy things every gamer worry about.

So, NicoBlog is a website that provides ISO Games, ROMs, Emulators, PC Games, and many more things to Download for FREE.

Yeah, I found this website trusted as it will not harm anything to you. But, I found one hectic thing (annoying) which I am going to tell you in the next point.

How To Install Games From NicoBlog?

This thing is a straightforward process to explain. But as I said, there is one hectic thing involved, which might make you nervous or might make you feel this is irritating.

Anyways here is the process:

You can go to the download page of any game you want to install from search or google or the direct link.
You landed to the page of the game you want to install.
Then, you will need to scroll down a bit, where you will find the option to download the game.

Then after clicking on that, you will need to solve one captcha to move ahead.

And now, comes that part …

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You will be redirected to the link shorteners page, where you will have to wait for some seconds, and to download the file, you will need to turn off ad blocker if you have kept it turned on.

This is the most irritating thing on the whole website.

Admin of that website should have to add a waiting page which lets users download the file automatically after 5 seconds, and he can put ads on there.

Anyways, that was the only thing. Now, let’s move to the most important part of the article.

Are NicoBlogs PC Games Safe To Install?

From all the analysis and testing, we found that the NicoBlog is Safe to Install the PC Games.
You can easily download, install, and play any game you want from NicoBlog.
What I saw, there isn’t any malicious activity done in any files and nothing anything which seems pretty unfair.

So, if you are a hungry gamer, looking for a safe site to download your favorite game, you can trust NicoBlog without having a second thought.

As I have reviewed this site now, I will again check this website randomly and will update everything about this. If we found anything bit unfair, we will update it here and will inform our readers.

Yes, even we have confirmed from many other sources. Many other gamers and communities have stated this as the trusted source to download pc games for free.

You will not be caught up in any trouble.


Here we are now at the end for the conclusion of all the things. So, as we reviewed everything about NicoBlog 🙂 Here are some of the main conclusions you should look at
1) It is Safe To Install PC Games from NicoBlog
2) While downloading any game, that link shorteners page is very irritating. If you know how to deal with it, then all cool! Else, 😉


That’s all for this blog. If you think I missed something, or have some more questions? Put them in the comment box below 😉

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