Top 10 FPS Games To Play In 2020

The craze for games is increasing day by day with a variety of games gaining lots of attention and appreciation. As a real-time strategy and massively multiplayer online games have to gain more attention and that force the first-person shooter games producer to coming up with new unique things. I have been playing games sports and FPS mostly since my childhood. I used to spend lots of time playing counter strike and IGI at that time these were the dream games for every kid.

Top 10 FPS Games To Play In 2020

So let’s find out about the best FPS games today. Some of them are not totally new but trust me they worth your time.

Far Cry-5

It’s an FSP game developed by Ubisoft. The game takes place in Home County a fictional area. Its story revolves around one of the doomsday cult Eden gates whose leader has taken over the county. Your guy is the junior sheriff who is working with resistance factions to liberate the county

The game provides multiplayer online Co-op and the best thing about this game is that you can explore the map on foot or through a variety of vehicles along with that you can create your own maps too.

Wolfenstein -2

It was released in October 2017 and developed by machine games. The game is based on alternate history (story in which historical event occur differently) after Nazi victory in WW2 and William the American war veteran who put all his efforts to fight against the Nazi regime.

Hitman – Blood Money

Who can forget the real assassin “47”.  The story revolves around an assassin code name 47 who works for the unknown agency.

The game takes you to different locations where you have to achieve assigned tasks by assassinating high-value targets and gaining stealth agent reward by keeping everything clean and achieve your target without raising alarms.

Rainbow six siege

Developed by Ubisoft the game is quite like old counter strike game but in here you have to assume a specific task unlike performing every task. The best thing about the game is that developer consult with real counter-terrorist units to keep the game look more like real life events.

COD- World War 2

It’s a sequel of a famous call of duty series. The Sledgehammer wanted to bring back COD game series back to world war times. The game is mostly based on European theatre on the western front.

Halo -5

The game revolves around Master chief a super soldier created by humans against the Aliens named Covenant. The game is based on the presumed betrayal of master chief and Cortana. It allows the user to switch to the third user camera and has some new weapons systems too.

Destiny- 2

The game is based on mythical science world with the multiplayer option of player versus player or player vs environment options. The game also has an element of roleplaying. You assume the role of guardian of one of the last protected city of earth.

Battlefield 1

The sequel of battlefield series. It’s a team based game and inspired by historical events mostly about WW1. The game gained lots of praise for its world war, single player and, multiplayer modes.


Released in 2016, it’s a sequel of Doom series. The game is based on unnamed space marine who has to fight various demonic forces from Hell. The game gain popularity for the character execution style. It also involves environment traversal and character upgrade features.

Left 4 Dead

It’s an FPS horror survival game set in days after a pandemic disease that’s transforming people into zombies. The game allows survivor attempts to reach the safe house and it also encourages cooperative gameplay of up to 4 players.


So, guys, these were our top FSP games we would like to have your opinion about listed games and let us know if you think we missed the game that you think should have been in this list. So thank you for keeping with us and we will come back with some new story and list

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