Top 20 Simulation Games Of 2020

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Check out the best 20 simulation games of 2020 which are booming in the gaming world. People are loving and enjoying these games. All of this games are available on the Play Store.

Simulation games are one of the best ways to have an experience about certain stuff..on your devices.

 Or if you’re a parent who is too worried to let their child out to be exposed to potentially dangerous experiences such as driving., then this is the perfect way to make your child happy and not disappointed that they cannot do things they like.

And apart from that, it’s difficult and rare to have some experiences even if you are an adult.

Or there are some regulations and boundaries such as jobs, etc which don’t really allow you to make time for certain things,

Simulation games provide a perfect alternative to all of those.

And what more convenient than having it right on your device. Whenever you want, wherever you like.

  • 911 operator

Have you ever dreamed of saving lives, well here’s a virtual chance of fulfilling your dream?

911 operator allows you to take calls and have a task to go save a life of the person calling and make sure you get them out alive and as safe as possible.

More Features:

  1. Play in any city of the world, 100+different reports coming across.
  2. Plenty of real recorded dialogues varying from, funny to super serious.
  3. Real first aid instructions.
  4. Various emergency vehicles, such as vans, choppers, motorcycles.

The game provided is free, an internet connection is mandatory. 

The game is rated for individuals 12+ years of age.

Contains advertisements.

And is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

With over 1M+ downloads the game is thrilling and much popular amongst its community.

  • Farming Simulator 16

Are you a fan of farming but living in a city/urban area prohibits you from having your own farm, well here is your chance to experience farming. And drive massive powerful farm equipment.


  1. Plant, Harvest and Sell your own Crops.
  2. Well techniques and best machines that help in farming.
  3. Have your own animals.
  4. Best graphics and play with our friends and whoever you want.

The game you get here is free. And a number of other premium features are freely accessible. 

Games might contain some advertisements.

It is rated for individuals 3+ years of age.

And is downloaded 500k+ times.

It has 4.2-star ratings out of 5-star ratings.

It’s Free and fun. Get it now.

  • The Lonely hacker

Hacking is malpractice but if you were so eager to experience it, here’s your chance. And no fear of being illegal. No troubles whatsoever.


  1. Realistic attacks, realistic experience.
  2. Great technology knowledge.
  3. No advertisements.
  4. Travel the world and hack whichever device you want.

This is free to download here.

Eligible for individuals 3+ years of age.

The game has an almost 4-star rating out of 5-star rating.

Get it now and start your cybercrime experience as you always dreamed.

  • Aerofly 2 Flight Simulator

Not a pilot yet? 

Get this game. And set yourself up inside the cockpit to fly most sophisticated airplanes out there and have the most realistic experience of flying aircraft around the San Francisco Bay area. Not to mention separately but it has amazing scenery.

Features :

  1. Great visuals. 3D graphics of the cockpit.
  2. Various planes to choose from. Namely: f-18, C172, Baron 58, B737-500, Corsair F4U, ASG 29 Glider, King Air C90 Gtx,
  3.  Interactive learning facilities, learn, and accomplish.
  4. Convenient adjustments.

Developers claim this game to be the best and MOST REALISTIC GAME, amongst any other flight simulator games.

The game needs space and a stable graphic processor.

Rated almost 4-star ratings out of 5-star ratings by users.

Downloaded for over 50k+ times by its not satisfied users.

Eligible for individuals 3+ years of age.

So as if you are thinking that your toddler to involve in learning some thrilling and fun skills, how about teaching somehow to have fun while flying aircraft.

  • Truck Simulator PRO: Europe

Fascinated by trucks but you own a motorcycle?

Or you don’t have a truck but just want the experience. Get this game for free here.


  1. Build your own community of drivers, invite your friends, and be the boss driver you want to be.
  2. Deliver shipments.
  3. Discover countries, apart from added European countries, you can discover many more.
  4. Great visuals and realistic steering wheel and fuel consumption options.

The game is super fun and free over here.

It has an almost 4-star rating out of 5-star ratings

It is eligible for individuals  3+ years of age.

It is downloaded 50k++ times and is reviewed as kid-friendly by most of its users.

  • Bridge Constructor Medieval

Turn back the clock to the past and roll back to construct bridges….the medieval way.

The game lets you experience the medieval period construction with your friends.


  1. Middle age experience. Great background story.
  2. Build bridges to attack or protect yourself from enemies.
  3. Different levels of achievements.
  4. Beautiful middle age backdrops and features.

The game is NOT designed for children.

It has 4.2-star ratings out of 5-star ratings.

With over 100k++ downloads, the game is quite popular as well as attentive to its reviewers and keeps fixing every complaint it gets in time.

When It’s free. Go for it.

  • Truck Simulator PRO 2

The game lets you be the boss truck driver you want to be. 

Great game to get the big truck experience.

Realistic options for fuel and navigations.


  1. Own, customize, and upgrade your truck amongst several trucks available.
  2. Various cargo shipments to deliver.
  3.  10 big cities to visit.
  4. Detailed interior view of each truck.

The game has almost 4-star ratings out of 5-star ratings.

It’s for individuals 3+ years of age.

Downloaded for over 100k+ times.

It is available for free here.

  • Traffix

Traffix is a game that allows you to experience traffic control. It is a minimalistic game.

Two different modes are offered to the player, Chaos mode for PRO players and the other one is for minimalistic noobs.


1. Bring peace to the streets.

2.Guide cars to their destination.

  1. Designed to give a calming and relaxing experience. Visuals are amazing.
  2. Various cities, streets, and highways to explore.

The game is free here.

With over 4.3 star ratings out of 5-star ratings., this game is oddly satisfying.

Individuals 3+years of age are eligible for this game.

Get it here. Get it now.

  • Space Simulator

Get the realistic experience of being in a space shuttle.

Explore space and solar system vastly in your space shuttle.

Play various historic NASA missions, Launch from the space station and return safely home, Plan your orbital strategy.


  1. 3D cockpits in spaceships
  2. Original audio footage on missions
  3.  Tutorials to ascertain your space journey.
  4. Comprehensive configuration options for customization.

A great option to explore space from your home, on your device.

Rated for individuals 3+ years of age.

With over 4 star ratings out of 5-star ratings, the review of this game is amazing.

Get it free. Get it now.

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  • Bridge Constructor

Want to be Bob the Builder??

Well this game allows you to construct your own bridges. Be the chief constructor, choose your own materials, and build the bridge with your team.


  1.  30+ bridge construction levels.
  2. Help system
  3. Various landforms to explore and build on.
  4. Great visuals and enhanced scenery.


AND is incredibly successful with over 1M+ downloads.

Avail this for free here.

This game has 4.4-star ratings out of 5-star ratings.

  • Bridge Constructor Playground.

It’s the sequel of the bridge constructor.

So if you are a bridge constructor fan, this will impress you. And if you want a building\ simulator experience, go for this, and avail it for free here.


  1. Beginners and PRO badges
  2. Various islands and countries.
  3. Explore various landforms such as bites, canyons, rolling hills, mountains.
  4. The number of levels and different materials to work with.

It’s a family-friendly game.

With over 100k+ downloads.

Rated for individuals 3+ years of age.

The game has 4.1-star ratings out of 5-star ratings.

An educational app store claims this game to be helpful in a child’s academic growth and a child’s tool for learning.

  • Townsmen Premium

Build the city you want.

Be the builder, own the city 

But if that sounds too normal for you and you thought this was just another simulator game, then you are wrong this game is set in the medieval age. So you get to build your city, from a small village


  1.  Grow your place, discover mining ores, harvest the farm, and collect taxes.
  2. Realistic Weather effects accompanied with wonderful graphic visuals.
  3. Military features to manage soldiers troops and whatnot.

The game has an almost 5-star rating out of 5-star ratings.

And is eligible for individuals 7+ years of Age.

This premium game has 100k+ downloads.

Be the emperor, build the empire. Get this premium game for free.

  • Farming Simulator 18

Be the farmer of your dreams. Grow your livestock and harvest your own crops.

With great and powerful equipment, build a farm that you are proud of. Like building a life that you are proud of.


  1. Realistic vehicles, including tractors and trucks.
  2. 3D graphics for detailed machinery.
  3. Grow and harvest your crops (Sugar beet, Sunflower, Canola, Wheat, Corn, Potatoes), Feed and extract from your cattle (cows, buffalo, sheep, pigs.).
  4. Play with your friends and build your own farming community.

The game has made its place in “EDITORS CHOICE” EDITORS CHOICE GAMES list.

It has 4.4-star ratings out of 5-star ratings, which is almost 5-star ratings.

Family-friendly and is eligible for individuals 3+ years of age.

Get it free by the farmer.

  • Construction Simulator 3

Discover Europe and build it.

Sequel to construction simulator 2, the game has new features.


  1.  Phenomenal cockpit view.
  2. Over 50 vehicles by 14 brands
  3. Amazing vehicles to choose from.
  4. Great contracts to finish, over 70 new contracts, diverse challenges, build and repair houses.


Build special structures, get it here for free.

It has 4.2-star ratings out of 5-star ratings.

And this is eligible for individuals 3+ years of age.

  • Constructor simulator 2014

Construct whatever you want, use machines from LIEBHERR, STILL, and cast your skyscraper as high as you feel doing it.


  1. 14 construction machines from LIEBHERR, MAN, STILL.
  2. Best quality 3D graphics. Realistic controls and Construction sites.
  3. Great construction sites.
  4. Guaranteed never-ending gaming fun.

This game has over 1M+ downloads.

Get it here for free.

This game has 4.3-star ratings out of 5-star ratings.

And is eligible for individuals 3+ years of age.

  • Mini Metro

  Mini Metro allows you to design a subway map for a growing city.

It’s a subway simulator.

Designed to release relaxation the game is quite worth it.


  1. Each game is unique.
  2. 10+ real-world cities
  3. Different modes, including colorblind mode and night mode.
  4. Compete against whoever you want.

Build the city metro you’ve always wished for.

With over 500k+ downloads this game is updated regularly and reviews are amazing.

And it has a 4.8-star rating out of 5-star ratings which is almost 5-star ratings.

It is great for relaxation. Get it free here.

You can also download the latest modded version of AFK Arena MOD Apk

  • Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator

  This is a flight simulator that offers you a flying experience. And is a multiplayer game.

So you can build your own flight simulator community and have your dream experience fulfilled.


  1. 10+ aircraft to choose from
  2. Realistic cockpit and weather visuals.
  3. Tutorials and easy configuration.
  4. Fly through live weather and winds aloft.

The game is for free here.

It has a 4.3-star rating out of 5-star ratings.

And is reviewed amongst best flight simulator games out there.

  • Fluid Simulation – Trippy Stress Reliever.

This is a fluid simulation game.

Are you looking for a satisfying game? This is the one you should go for.

  Are you a Fan of Trippy Visuals.

Here’s the game of your dreams.

Roll that puff and submerge yourself into the trippy world you have never seen.

It is a beautiful game that helps you with anxiety.

Relieve your anxiety. Get it now

More features:

  1. Gorgeous visuals.
  2. Play with fluids.
  3. Get fluids on your fingertips.

This game has a 4.8-star rating out of 5 stars. ratings. That is almost 5-star ratings.

And this game reviewed as the most satisfying game amongst the satisfying games out there.

And is #3 top paid game?

Get this game and be the popular one in your trippy community.

  • Getting over it with Bennett Foddy

A game that pays Homage to Jazzuo’s 2002 B-Game “Sexy Hiking”.


  1. Climb up a giant mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.
  2. No time limit. Play for as long as you can.
  3.  Great way to challenge yourself.

This might be one of those odd games out there. But is sure does what it claims.

A Game That is made for a certain kind of person by the developer.

The game has a 3.8-star rating out of 5-star ratings. 

This game has over 50k+ downloads.

And is listed #2 Top Paid Game.

Get it here.

  •  RFS- Real Flight Simulator

A real flight simulator allows you to have a realistic experience and claims itself to be the most advanced mobile flight simulator game.

It is one of the most unique flight simulator games.

This game claims to Give access to thousands of community created liveries.


  1. High-resolution visuals with satellite maps.
  2. Advanced Flight Plan for PRO only.
  3. Realistic working parts and light.
  4. Chat with your fellow pilots and have your own flying community.

This game has a 4.3-star rating out of 5-star ratings.

And has great reviews.

It might seem to be just another flight simulator games but is #1 Top Paid Game.

Get it for free here. 


Run your driving Community. Buy, Build, Transport, and expand your business.

You get to purchase your own massive vehicles and construct roads and bridges.

And deliver shipments and repair big sized machines.


  1. Run your own company.
  2. Various models to choose from. Normal-sized to big massive vehicles.
  3.  Great visuals for truck interiors.
  4. Day/Night modes and AI control.

This game is available for free here.

It has 4.1-star ratings out of 5-star rating.

Great game for truck fans.

Get it now.

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