Garden of Fear – Maze of Death Mod Apk (Unlimited Health)

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Garden of Fear – Maze of Death Mod Apk (Unlimited Health)

You wake up in a labyrinth. You don’t know why you’re there. You only know that something is awfully wrong!
All you have is a flashlight, some charcoal, a compass…and a really bad feeling in your stomach!
The labyrinth has 8 exit doors, 2 on each of the outer sides. Only ONE of these doors will let you escape this maze of madness!
The other seven will lead you back to the middle of the labyrinth.
Advice: use your charcoal and make a mark before you enter one of the outer doors.
Advice: cower in the alcoves and turn your light off when the monster is coming at you. Beware: SuckerSpawns will still see you, even with lights off.
Do you think you got nerves of steel? Do you think nothing scares you? Do you know no nightmares? We will teach you better!
Do you like some good scare? Like games like the one with the horror granny? The horror genre? Do you enjoy a little bit of angst, anxiety, and excitement?
Hear the gasps of the dreaded demon nearby, hear the footsteps of the abomination coming at you – just to realize that you’re completely defenseless. Cold sweat lets your body shiver and panic fills your soul. You frantically search for a way to escape, a way out, a way out of this cabinet of psychopathy and utter despair.
Experience this 3D first-person horror game and let yourself be immersed in a world of terror and fear!
WARNING: If you get scared easily, you shouldn’t play this game! Best played alone, lights out, headphones on!
– special game mode: SUCKER SPAWNS – experience the creepiness!
– creepy SFX and gfX
– dense atmosphere
– random maze generator: no two games will ever be the same!
– a gruesome evil thing – a monster – a monstrosity – a nightmare – a devil
– leaderboard & achievements
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