Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG

Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG

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PlayHard.Lab. 1.2.015 16/03/2023
The sole princess of the kingdom was kidnapped by the dark knights! Your heroes are the only hope.

In order to save the princess, you need to start with reconstructing the village. Collect trees, mine ore, and construct buildings to improve the village.

Furthermore, you can recruit new heroes at the pub. Recruit and raise legendary heroes that use various skills!

Discover treasure and obtain various monsters and resources through huge open areas.

Hundreds of monsters appear in the dungeon. But don't worry! The heroes you trained can wipe out the monsters!

Now, forget about the collectible RPGs that are complicated and full of manual, time consuming grinding.

You can move several heroes with just one hand. Jump into the fun, fast paced hack-and-slash combat with simple controls!

- You can do everything with one hand!
- Obtain various resources on the field such as wood, ore, meat, and more.
- Collect and raise cute and unique characters.
- Try the dungeon and collect legendary equipment.
- You can start a camp and leave it anywhere on the field.
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